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I've been fortunate to be a revisionist, storyboarder, and assistant director on Big Mouth over various seasons. I appreciate how indepth the acting on Big Mouth is, and how the show is always looking to plus and elevate its visuals.


Primetime shows always have very clean final boards, and there are many reviews and storyboard passes to get the final product to this state!

"Soft Daddy" season 3

Nick discovers his Dad's secret moisturizing ritual. Some male nudity, please be warned! 

Thumbs, character layout, bg layout and final acting all done by me.

"Duke" season 3

Duke Ellington meets his life long love at a jazz club (spoilers, it's MUSIC). 

Had a lot of fun translating abstract concepts about music and passion visually. In dialogue heavy shows, it's nice to let the visuals communicate with the audience! There are some dancing revisions I cannot take credit for, but otherwise these are my boards, from thumbs to final acting.

"Disclosure the Movie: the Musical!" season 3

The kids put on a musical version of the Demi Moore/Michael Douglas movie Disclosure.

Rule of thumb: no matter how many angles you may have in a musical sequence, you will always need more.

Thumbs, character and BG layout by me, final acting pass completed by revisionists. I cannot take credit for all the lovely Matthew and incidental dancing poses!

"Poop Madness" season 4

Nick struggles through an anxiety attack.

Thumbs, character layout, bg layout and final acting all done by me.

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