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I worked on season 2 and season 3 of the Lion Guard. By the time I joined midway through season 2, the show wanted to grow with its audience and tell larger and more impactful stories. At its core the show is always about teamwork, and vastly different personalities learning to work together.(Also, drawing quadrupeds is hard! Finding new ways to show off six widely different sized animals was always a big challenge.)

"Ghost of the Mountain" season 3

The Lion Guard has a narrow escape from falling icicles while they search for an invisible ghost of the mountain.

I always appreciate Fuli's often exasperated but pragmatic energy she brings to every scene.

"The Lake of Reflection" season 3

Bunga discovers a great inland salt lake, and shennanigans ensue.

Bunga licking stones is my favorite dumb thing he does.

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